Ganzfeld technique
Anomalous transmission of information

Proceso cognitivo-anómalo de transferencia de información y dimensiones de la personalidad: un estudio piloto sin resultados significativos J. Esteve (Asociación/Laboratorio PSILAB-BCN) Sociedad Universitaria para la Investigación Científica 29-27 Descargar


This report is a research based on the dimensions of personality, using the EPQ-R (extraversion-introversion) survey. We have also introduced a survey on creativity and belief, which the results will be used for future research. We used the Ganzfeld technique as a tool, which could enhance the ESP. The research was with 10 subject couples, with a total of 10 experimental sessions, consisting of a transmitter and receiver. This model consists of 15 minutes of relaxation and 30 minutes to send and receive the putative signal ESP. The experiments for subjects and researchers were in different apartments and different rooms. Forty video-clips recorded for simple content that applied for pseudorandom selection. Four random video-clips are shown and one is the correct answer. We developed a computer program for automated test performance and connecting the computers by Internet. The hypothesis was based on that extroverts had a better score than introverts. The results were not significant, offering no evidence of the phenomenon and scores are below the expected random. We worked with a very small group, with which we will further research with a larger group, to see if the same results are similar