Anomalous experience
Experimental research

Experiencias anómalas y parapsicología: una réplica sobre cuestiones generales e investigación científica O. Iborra Martínez (Universidad de Granada) Sociedad Universitaria para la Investigación Científica 13-21 Descargar


Interest and study about anomalous experiences have gone side by side with the history of Psychology. From the whole of anomalous experiences, one special type are called psi experiences, an alleged acquisition of information from a target (environment, human being) or an apparent influence or intention between one subject and a target from the physical world without any known channel. These psi phenomena are described by the parapsychology, a scientific discipline based in experimental research and far away from popular image related to the paranormal phenomena. This paper is aimed at making some concepts from parapsychology more clear and helping to define its research field, showing a general overview of its experimental studies.